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Tactical - Exposing Demonic Strategies e-Book. 


This is the field manual you need to uncover the clandestine work of the enemy in your life. Demons thrive on operating under the cover of secrecy and concealment, but this book will bring to light these dark operations and expose their tactics! 

Topics such as "Indirect Attacks - When Those Around You are Getting Hit, Mental Infiltration, Spiritual Ambushes", and more are sure to bring fresh insight into how the enemy may be attacking you or those you love. 

Drawing a parallel between natural combat strategies and spiritual warfare tactics, in this book Jason Tanksley demonstrates how demons work in our lives to disrupt communication, destroy relationships, attack those around us and cause mental confusion. 

Written from a unique and revelatory perspective, this is a must-have resource to add to your library!

Tactical - Exposing Demonic Strategies